2013 will be my third Toperi Challenge as their graphic designer. 2012 introduced a fiery theme that was bright, eye-catching, and looked completely awesome. Using 2012 as a guide, I constructed the 2013 poster using a different theme, from infernos and explosions, to 'THE JUNGLE'.
Toperi 2013's poster is even more 'graphic-intensive' than the last, with plants everywhere you look. For the poster, the images were given a slightly sketchy effect, inspired by the BOARDERLANDS 2 game.
The entire poster, and other graphics were inspired by the rock song 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns N' Roses.
The design fundementals of the Toperi logo haven't changed in three years, only slight modifications have evolved the logo to what it is today.
A3 Poster
A5 Double Sided Flyer
Small card
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